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A colorful team of strategists and experts

When it requires special expertise, Metaphore has a network of complementary resources experience.

Rédaction Web
Web editing

Editing the content of an Internet site is closely linked to reference performance. It must comply with very specific rules that assure you optimal positioning in comparison with your competition. Ignoring this aspect will definitely damage the profitability of your investment in the Web.

Social networks

The adoption of social media as a means of communication and exchange is a very tangible reality. The Web constitutes a powerful communication lever for anyone knowing how to exploit it. It is, however, a complex world with its own rules, language and tools. Social networks have no secrets from Métaphore, which has the expertise required to make you visible and talked about.

Réseaux sociaux
Analyse d'audience
Audience analysis

Who are the Internet users who visit your website? Where do they come from? When do they use it? Do they stay there long enough? What are the factors that prevent purchases from my website? These are some of the questions we will be able to answer. Métaphore has the expertise and the tools to provide you with a whole host of information about your website.

Advertising campaign

A good advertising strategy must meet specific business needs and objectives. Therefore, investing in an advertising campaign must necessarily provide tangible advantages in terms of positioning, sales or visibility. Whether it is to introduce a new brand, a product or to raise your profile, Métaphore will be able to identify the best media for your purposes and design an outstanding visual support.

Campagne publicitaire
Courriel de masse - E-mail marketing
Mass Email marketing

Almost 80% of Internet users use email as a means of communication. For a business, this is an excellent way to send interesting offers to its customers. Like direct marketing, but cheaper, mass email is customizable and can be targeted at specific clients as well as allowing results to be evaluated.

Viral marketing

To encourage the Internet user to send your message, it must be relevant, original and provide some form of profit for the sender. The success of a viral campaign therefore relies on creativity, humor or the proposed advantage. Skillfully designed, this an inexpensive advertising tool with a lot of potential.

Marketing viral
Référencement Web
Web referencing

Anyone with a website inevitably has to think about referencing. If you want to achieve your business goals, you cannot have one without the other. Internet users must know that your Internet shop window exists. And it is a good referencing strategy that will attract Internet users and potential customers. The higher your position on search engines, the more visitors you will get.

Internet strategy

Our Web know-how enables us to design profitable electronic business strategies that meet your objectives and your budget. From the simple analysis of websites to analyzing your needs and your customers, while providing a branding strategy or even setting up monitoring systems within your company, Métaphore is in a position to help you achieve your business objectives on the Web.

Stratégie Internet
A colorful team
of strategists and experts