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Press Relations

Why should you cultivate relations with the press ?

A press article is much more credible than an advertisement or a direct mailing. Because an article is written by a journalist, the reader will give more credence to its content. The fact that your company is mentioned is a definite asset and the first step towards a high-profile image. Press articles enhance the visibility of your company, your products and your services, not only in the eyes of existing or potential clients but also in the market at large.

Through the publication of articles that mention your company, your existing clients will feel reassured in their choice of a provider and the market will benefit from a more accurate idea of what you have to offer. This gives you a higher profile which you can translate into increased commercial success. An active communication policy vis-Ã -vis the press enables you to put forward your message in your own terms. Thanks to effective communication with the press, published articles will bring home your message to the public, faithfully reflecting what you set out to say. Of course, this is a long-term strategy. Communication with the press is something that has to be built over a period of time. Journalists cannot become familiar with your company overnight. Your visibility will only increase significantly once your company has been mentioned repeatedly in the press.

Métaphore manages all press relations and all day-to-day contacts with journalists and the media.


Rédaction de documents pour la presse
Writing documents for the press

All documents for the attention of the press are drafted by journalists for journalists. Our in-house team includes a journalist with more than 10 years' experience as an editor and reporter. We also work together with numerous freelance journalists and copywriters specialising in a variety of fields.

Including photos in the press folder

Photos may be provided by the client himself or we can suggest working with one of our own photographers, who are experienced in a range of fields, including portraiture, interiors and landscapes. The photographer can also be a member of the team reporting on a particular event.

Réalisation de photos pour ajouter au dossier de presse
Mailings á la presse
Mailings to the press

Press folders are sent in a targeted and personalised manner.
A journalist has no time to lose! That's why the goal is to provide him with all the information he needs to relay your information.
It is an opening on a dialogue, it must offer a point of contact available immediately.

Drawing up a targeted and regularly updated press listing

Thanks to our broad client base and to many years of experience in the Public Relations sector, we regularly co-operate with journalists working for both specialised and non-specialised publications, including magazines, daily newspapers, business publications and/or publications catering for specific vertical markets. Pour chaque communiqué de presse, nous réalisons un nouveau listing de mailing et ce, en fonction du sujet du communiqué. en op de hoogte gebracht zonder te worden overstelpt met communiqués die soms niet worden gelezen.

Réalisation d'un listing presse ciblé et régulièrement mis à jour
Suivis et relances téléphoniques en plusieurs phases
Follow-up over the telephone

Depending on the sector and developments on the ground) For each folder sent, we personally contact the relevant journalists and assist them in writing their articles so as to optimise the impact of the information that concerns you.

Monitoring the press

In order to monitor the articles that are published, we work together with a specialised external agency. The latter reviews all publications and, on the basis of a number of key search words, selects those which are most likely to concern you. We then examine these press cuttings and forward them to you on a regular basis (as frequently as requested).

Suivi du monitoring presse
Remise d'une revue de presse
Delivery of press reviews

A press review provides a quick and convenient method of finding out what is being published. Of course such a collection of press cuttings is not the sole result of our work. The fact that your company is known to a growing number of people is also a major result, albeit not an easily quantifiable one.

Press relations is probably
the cheapest way to communicate

but the most effective !